Who is the extremist who is coming to the screen, Rajkumar Rao?

A man on the target of a gun On whose head there is a cap, there are eyeglasses on the eyes, hands are raised in prayer and the head is bowed in prayer.

Neither goes unnoticed. The first poster of Rajkumar Rao’s forthcoming film ‘Omarta-Code of Silence’ has come up.

After Shahid, City Lights and Aligarh, Director Hansal Mehta is coming with ‘Omarta’.

Omarta … what is its mean?

This is a code of dignity and respect.

‘Omeleta’ is the Italian word. It is used for people involved in criminal activities. This is the code to be faithful to each other. It is promised that they will not tell the police about each other’s crime.

Why is this movie special?

The movie ‘Omarta – Code of Silence’ is based on the life of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh. The same Umar, who was arrested for the abduction and murder of Daniel Pearl.

– Omar was born in Pakistan. After this he went to London. He studied with the London School of Economics and then pursued the path of extremism.

– Omar Shaikh went to Bosnia with an Islamic organization in 1992, where he was very sad to see the condition of the Muslims. The people associated with them said that this was the most important turning point in Omar Shaikh’s life when he turned to extremism.
– In 1992 he went to Pakistan. Soon they reached Afghanistan from where they took training in a camp of jehadis.

– The world came to know of Omar Shaikh when he was arrested on charges of kidnapping foreign tourists in India. They were kept in Meerut and later in Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

– Omar Shaikh was one of the three people whom the Indian government had left after considering the terms of extremists after the abduction of Air India in 1999.

– After leaving India, Omar Shaikh was constantly active and in February 2002 he was arrested for the abduction and murder of Daniel Pearl.

– Rajkumar Rao is in the lead role in the film. Rao says that he has played many types of characters, but Omar’s character is by far the most difficult character.

The film will be released on April 20 in India. Although the film’s world premiere was at the Toronto International Film Festival. Where the film received mixed feedback. The movie trailer is being released on March 14


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