What’s the matter of Tabu and Manoj Bajpayee

Tabu, a respected actress, says that coming to the movies was the biggest coincidence of her life, because she did not like to work in films or she had such a desire ever.

Nowadays where actresses take the lead in the film world with full preparation, Tabu said that she came under the pressure of director Shekhar Kapur and stepped into the movies. And seeing, he spent his 30 years in this industry.

She says, “I did not want to film but Shekhar Uncle had put a lot of pressure, I did it, I did not like acting, I did not see myself as an actress, it was difficult, I thought I would do a film and I’ll leave the industry. ”

While there are discussions of the challenging characters of actresses in the film industry today, Tabu says that they have made challenging characters from today 20-25 years ago.

‘Om Puri made good actor’

Ajay Devgan has a relationship with him: Tabu
Tabu will appear soon with Manoj Bajpai

Tabu was considered wary of putting money on challenging Visywali films that during manufacturer actresses who had hesitated in making such films, but that he would appreciate working in a subject and people met who remains away from common films films Landmark movies proved. In these films, ‘survival’, ‘Chandni Bar’, ‘Maqbool’ and ‘Hu Tu Tu’

Says Tabu in the film exist, “the existence of the film I was playing for the first time mother, who I had not hesitated were definitely shocked. But he was the most satisfying film of my life. Only then will they give me Accept as a trustworthy actress “.

After an interval of about 18 years, Tabu will be seen with actor Manoj Bajpei once again in the movie ‘Missing’. Earlier, he had worked with the film ‘Ghat’ and ‘Dil Pe Do Le Yaar’.

Manoj Bajpei is the producer of ‘Missing’, directed by Mukul Rahender. The film will be released on April 6.

Why do actresses change in ‘Golmala’?

That condition, from which Shahrukh became ‘King Khan’!
18 year old friend Manoj and Tabu
Thinking about choosing movies, Tabu also chooses his friends even after thinking. Manoj Bajpayee’s name is at the top of his list of friends. The friendship of both of them has been more than 18 years.

Manoj says Tabu about his relationship with Vajpayee, “my greatest asset in life are my relations. He be my biggest relationships to success is. Careers are not there does not matter means a lot to me.”

Tabu says that he is sorry that he did not get much chance to work with Manoj. She says, “I believe her very much. When I do not understand anything then Manoj explains to me, then whether it is movies or something else.”

She says, “I am Tabu for everyone, but for Manoj I am Tapan, they call me by this name.”
Manoj, Tabu want to film a comedy
Manoj Bajpai and Tabu want to see them together once again, but not as sensitive characters but as comedic characters. Manoj Bajpai believes that Tabu and I can film a very good comedy.

He says, “My wish is that I do films like ‘The War of the Rose’s’ with Tapan, which is based on the relationship of husband and wife. One husband wants to kill his wife – this is a humorous endeavor It has been presented in the movie which is amazing in itself. If I get something like this then I would like to film without delay. ”

Tabu says “like the movie ‘The War of the Roses” is the husband out of the hell-bent on killing his wife in the same way they really inside because I’m the way I harassed them it is a comedy in its own right. ”

Recently Manoj Bajpayee appeared in the film ‘Baghi 2’ His work is very much appreciated in the film


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