What is the story of the film ‘The Shape of Water’ won in Oscars this year?

Perhaps the biggest fight of this time in most of the world, including India, has been identified.

Where efforts are being made to impose their identity on top or the other. From Mexico to those seeking the name of Gorkhaland in the northeast of India.

In such a scenario, Gueramo del Toro’s film “The Shape of Water” by Mexico, it is natural to get 13 nominations at the Oscars Awards and win four Oscars, including the best film.

Academy Award 2013: Who got the award?
Those who have not seen this film can raise the question about what is the story of this movie?

Elisa’s first meeting with aquatic organisms
The story of ‘The Shape of Water’
The story of the film is in the 1960’s. When the Cold War was going on between the Soviet Union and the United States. The film’s main character, Elisa (Sally Hawkins), is a googly. Who cleans up a detective High Security government lab in Baltimore.

Zelda (Octavia Spencer) also works with Elisa in this lab. In addition to Zelda, Eliza knows the neighboring artist Giles (Richard Jenkins). These two people belong to Elisa’s own.
The glimpse of the story of these people is also found in the film. The lab at which Elisa works, there is also a scientific doctor Hofstatler (Michael Stoolberg). Doctor Hofstatler is actually a Russian detective.

The fifth and most important character of the film is completely different. This fifth character is a living organism in a tank of lab. This character has played by Doug Jones.

This aquatic creature understands and understands life and feelings. There is a dialogue in the movie, which Elisa says through signals.

‘When he sees me, and like he sees me, then he does not know what is lacking in me. How am i incomplete He sees me like I am ‘
Captures this aquatic organism by catching the army officer (Michael Shannon) from a river. About this creature, it is shown in the film that he is the god of the tribes on the banks of the river.

Of course this creature is tortured in the lab. With this aquatic creature, Elisa’s closeness increases and the story of the movie moves forward.

Elisa appears to be trying to save this aquatic creature in the film. These efforts sometimes hide this aquatic creature in its bathtub and sometimes somewhere else


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