What is the ‘black panther’ that earns in billions

Hollywood’s ‘Black Panther’ has earned more than a billion dollars worldwide.

This is the fifth movie from Disney’s Marvel Universe, which proved to be a milestone.

This film is a fictional African country named “Wakanda” in which actor Chadwick Bowman becomes a ruler fighting crime of this country. It has been described as the most modern technological country on Earth.

Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo, Michael B Jordan and Daniel Kaluya have also played the lead role in this film. Also starring Martin Freeman, star of The Hobbit, plays CIA agent Everett Ross.

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Lupita Nyongo, Michael B Jordan and Chadwick Bowman have played the lead roles in the film.
Game-changer told to movie
The movie has been praised like a big game-changer. Former US President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama has also praised the role of being a black actor in the film. Director of the film Ryan Kugler is also black

Box office analyst Jeff Bock told the New York Times: “I think it’s like demolition of a wall. Now a studio can not say about ‘Black Panther’, ‘Oh, movies with black artists do not move, Their earnings are very low. ”

According to Disney’s ticket sale, the film touched the figure of one billion earnings on the 26th day of the release.

IMDb, which gives information on films, says that a billion dollar figure has touched 32 in the box office. These include the ‘Skyfall’ of James Bond series in 2012, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Frozen’ of 2017.

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Apart from Nyongo, there is also British actress Lotisa Wright in the film.
Many superheroes left behind
UK data from last week revealed that ‘Black Panther’ has left behind superheroes such as ‘Iron Man’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’, and has earned about 3.5 million pounds in three weeks. .

More than just two movies have been released in 18 movies released in the UK in the Marvel Studios so far. In 2015, ‘Avengers: Age of Eeltron’ had earned 4 crores pounds, while ‘Avengers’ in 2012 also earned 4 crores pounds.

The film’s success was expected from the beginning. In the US and Canada, it doubled its earnings from the beginning of the week, as it was expected.

Last month, director Cougler thanked the supporters for writing a very emotional letter.

He wrote, “I can not understand what words I express in this moment of gratitude


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