Virat Kohli will take the shirt off in England after winning the World Cup: Ganguly

_100750821_gettyimages-942915552Former cricketer Sourav Ganguly has said that if Team India wins the World Cup in England next year, then Captain Virat Kohli will take the shirt off Oxford Street.

One such instance of Sourav Ganguly himself is recorded on the stage of a historic chapter of aggression in Indian cricket.

16 years ago in 2002, when Indian team chased the target on Lord’s ground and named the NetWest Series, Captain Sourav Ganguly, who was sitting in the dressing room, celebrated his shirt and hoisted his shirt.

According to the news agency PTI, Ganguly said, “I can guarantee if he (Kohli) wins the World Cup final on Lord’s ground in 2019, then we should keep our cameras ready because they have six packs. It will not happen if he wanders with a trophy on Oxford Street, without a shirt. ”

He said, “And I can also tell you who will be with him – Hardik Pandya.”

Kohli responded by saying, “120 per cent.”

The Indian cricket captain said, “I do not think that I will do this alone because many people have six packs in the team, we will take off the shirt and there are hearty Pandya and Bumrah, we have some candidates.”

Ganguly and Kohli were present on Saturday in a book launch event in Kolkata. During this time these things happened.

Ganguly also recalled the incident of shielding himself during the NatWest Series 16 years ago. He said, “The best thing about the Lord’s ground was that when I was wearing a shirt, then Laxman was pulling it down. Then standing in front of me asked Harbhajan what should he do? I said that you also remove . ”

Kohli was then 13 years old. According to news agency IANS, he recalled the incident and said, “India’s game was a good start. Dada and Viru had raised good runs, I thought we are winning the match because those goals were very difficult in those days. Especially in England, in the final match against England. But when 5 wickets fell on 150 runs, I fell asleep because I was very depressed. ”

He said that when he came to know that India has won, it was like a dream.

Captain Kohli said on the incident of shaving Ganguly’s shirt, “When I saw it happen … I think it is difficult for people to understand this but these things are very natural. They do what people will think about me. ”
He said, “It was the balcony of Lords but it could have been anywhere in the world, it was a real happiness, which was coming after getting something, and in this way I want to express myself. I never felt that There is something wrong in it because then real human emotions are coming out. ”

Virat Kohli, famous for his aggression like Ganguly, said that no player can be a robot, who, at all times, thinks about what people will think about him.

‘Australia does not see anyone playing like this’
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Ganguly said that Team Kohli has the ability to win next World Cup next year.

He said, “Of course they can do this, last year they played the final of the Champions Trophy, they do not talk much further, they wish they all have some fantastic talent, hope they will be there. Celebrate and want to celebrate like that. ”

Praising Kohli, Ganguly said that the current captain changed himself a lot after the bad England tour of 2014.

He said, “Look at the change in them, he was struggling in England and after less than six months, he scored four centuries in four Tests, I have not seen any other Indian cricketer play like this in Australia.

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