Sunny Leoni mother of twins

Actress Sunny Leoni, who made her place in Bollywood after porn movies, has once again become a mother.

Last year, Sunny had adopted a baby girl and this time she has shared a photo in which her husband and her child, besides two small children are also seen.

Sunny has written with this picture on social media, “It is God’s grace !! June 21, 2017 was the day when my husband and I realized that we would have three children in a very short time.
“We have planned and tried to raise our family and after so many years, this family has finally been completed with Ashar Singh Weber, Noha Singh Weber and Nisha Kaur Weber.”

“Our boys have been born a few days ago but in our hearts and eyes these were for many years. God had made a special plan for us and gave us a big family. We are the parents of three very beautiful children who are proud. It’s a surprise for all! ‘
Sunny Leoni’s husband also shared the same picture and wrote together, “Hello to Noah and Usher Weber. Next chapter of life Karan, Nisha, Noah, Usher and I. ”

But did Sunny give birth to these children, these questions were being asked on social media? Shortly after, they gave the answer.

Sunny wrote, “So that there is no confusion, I want to tell that Ashar and Noah are our biological children. We had chosen the surrogacy option to complete the family many years ago and now it is finally complete. I’m so happy!


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