Stardom, death in three souls and tahanai …


Parveen was doing all that in the 70s on the screen, which women want to do today in the name of their desire, modernity and self-sufficiency.

If not, remember the scene of the wall in which Amitabh is sitting in a beer bar and seeing them alone, Parvin’s children arrive and start talks without knowing them.

Cigarette in one hand and wine cup in another. The design of a concrete and skirt is such that legs are floating outside.
This is just a scene, the whole career of Parveen Babe is lying with such scenes in which he appears to be changing his rounds.

The functioning of such a girl’s character is self-reliant, and she has no dietary habits even after having a passionate relationship with her male friend before marriage.

While doing all this, his own grace also remains with him, there is no scarring anywhere. He is neither concerned about the scars nor the time of the day.
Magic in small roles
In the small role of the wall, Parineeti had pulled a large streak.

This is the reason why people remember their roles even after three decades of intervals of active film career of Parveen Babe.

It is also important to note that the roles of Parvin Babi used to be very short in films made by the hero, but it was the magic of his face and style that even small roles were enough to keep him in the discussion.

When there was a trend for wearing good girls’ salwar suits and saris on cinematic curtains, then in the Western style, Parveen Baba gave the film director BR Ishara with the first time Cricketer Salim Durrani in the film Character in 1973. The film got flopped, but the magic of Parveen Baba started.

Born on April 4, 1949 in a middle class Muslim family of Junagadh in Saurashtra, Parveen Babam had done a BA in English literature from St. Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad and was looking for a career in modeling.

It is mentioned in many places that BR’s gesture was in search of a new actress, on such a day, she had a look at Parveen Baba, who was poking cigarette at that time and the gesture decided that her actress got it.
On the cover of time
Parveen Babu was first seen in the film ‘Forced’ with Amitabh Bachchan in 1974.

After this, Parveen Baba, along with Angry Angle, made many successful films including ‘Wall’, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Shaan’ and ‘Kaliya’.

In 1976, Parvin was successful in that the prestigious Magazine Time that year featured him on his cover.

The first Bollywood artist to get a place on the cover of the time was Parveen Babu.

The success of cinematic career, the success of her life, she did not find her success in her personal life. His first encounter took place with Danny.

But this love did not go much further. Danny had told in an interview to Filmfare that Parvin had been with him for three or four years and after that the two had separated the way.
Kabir Bedi
After Danny, Parvin’s love of love came with Kabir Bedi.

The two worked together in the film ‘Bullet’ in 1976, and for nearly three years both of them were in love with each other.

For the sake of Kabir Bedi’s love, Parveen Baba also left his shining career.

At that time Kabir Bedi got a lead role in an Italian TV serial and Parveen had shifted to Europe with him.

But if everything was not well between the two, Parveen came back to Bollywood. Even when he returned, the industry took him by the hand.

At the time of this return, Parveen Baba wrote a memoir in ‘The Illustrated Weekly of India’ on the request of Pritish Nandy – “My career has never been better than this. I am in number one race. There is no such movie in Bombay People are amazed by this successful return, many people are saying this to me, but I want to tell you that there is no reason for it, it is absolutely worthless. There is no tears and tears which have come with hard work, although in the meantime I have learned that the show has its own struggle to stay in the biz, it has its own pressures and challenges. It will have to endure. ”
Romance with Mahesh Bhatt
After Parveen’s remarks about breaking life with Kabir Bedi, turning her life into a romance, Mahesh Bhatt’s romance went on.

Both of them started romancing in late 1977, when Mahesh Bhatt was married like Kabir Bedi.

But he left his wife and daughter Pooja Bhatt and stayed with Parvin Baba.

This was the period when Parveen was the star of the peak and Mahesh Bhatt, a flop filmmaker.

Mahesh Bhatt made ‘Artha’ on his relationship with Parveen Babu.

From this film where Mahesh Bhatt got his career, Parveen got into a situation where his mental balance started to wobble.

During romance with Mahesh Bhatt, Parineeti began a mental illness, which Mahesh Bhatt has described in his many interviews as Paranoid Schizophrenia.

However, Parveen Baba did not tell himself to be in the grip of this disease. He had surely believed that genetic mental illness had taken him into grip.
In shelter of spirituality
Spiritual master spiritual master


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