‘Pistol King’ Jitu Rai used to go sheep in Nepal

_100755083_jitu-rai-getty-images-3Indian shooter Jitu Rai has targeted gold medal with new games record in the 10 meter air pistol event in Australia’s Gold Coast.

Jitu secured first place with 235.1 points and gave India gold medal.

India’s Om Mitharwal won bronze with 214.3 points. The silver medal of the competition won by Australia’s Carrie Bell.

Story of Jitu Rai
Jitu Rai, who today is the World Pistol King, who has won big medals in shooting, till 12 years ago, those hands used to plant corn and potato crops in a small village in Nepal.

There was no relationship from Jitu’s shooting far and wide. His time passed with the buffalo and the goats in the stables near the house.

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Indian army foreseen Jitu’s fate
Born in the village of Sankhuvasabha in Nepal, Jitu’s father was in the Indian Army who took part in the war against China and Pakistan.

Jitu also joined the Indian army at the age of 20, or say that luck brought them here.

Nepali Jita wanted to be admitted to the British army from birth.

In fact, it has been raining for years that Nepal goes to Nepal every year to recruit British troops for the Gurkha regiment.

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Jitu wanted to go to the British Army
The talk is from 2006-07. When Jitu went to the British army, there was a registration in the Indian Army camp where time was still in the registration of the British army.

Jitu, Jitu, appealed to the Indian army and before Jaitu was selected in the Indian Army, ahead of the talk of the British army.

Under a treaty, Gorkha soldiers are recruited in the Indian Army in the Gurkha Regiment.

But Jitu did not like shooting at the military base in Lucknow, although his target was good.

Seeing their military officers, Jitu was sent to Mhow’s army markman unit. But for two consecutive years Nib Subedar Jitu Rai was defeated and sent back.

This is where Twist came in the story of Jitu. They started working hard in shooting.

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Jitu’s international journey started
While living in the Indian Army, Jitto started participating in international competitions in 2013 and within a year, he has come across the world.

Jitu, who made Lucknow his base, won gold medal in the 50 meter pistol category in the Commonwealth Games in 2014. The 2014 Asian Games also gave India the first gold jiuteau.

In 2014, Jitu won the record by winning three World Cup medals in nine days in the shoot. Which includes gold in 10 meter air pistol and silver in 50 meter air pistol.

‘Grandpa said, wear shorts and lift hockey’
Olympic medal Jitu’s dream
But everything was not always easy. In 2016, winning a medal in the Olympics was a low point of his career as winning a medal in the Olympics was Jitu’s dream.

But Jitu has made a good comeback in 2018. Jitu has won a bronze in this year’s World Cup in Mexico.

For many years, Jitu’s family did not even know that his son is winning medal all over the world.

When Jitu got the Arjuna Award and the mother came to Delhi, she realized that Jitu has become a big player.

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Jitu has to go on foot in the village
Occasionally when Jitu went to his house, Jitu used to take many days to reach his village.

Before going to Darbhiling, he used to travel by train to Bagdogra. It takes about two days to reach the village. But now Jitu travels through the flight, although the village still has to walk.

Some four years ago, electricity has come to their village. Before that no one had seen the light in the village, but yes the son of the village surely illuminated his name throughout the world.

Beyond shooting, Jitu still likes to play volleyball as a childhood and liked Amir Khan’s films

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