Mahira Khan, leaving Pakistan and speaking on ‘Ranbir Kapoor’

Pakistan’s celebrated actress, Mahira Khan, has given her favorably on the controversies related to her in a special interview given to the BBC.

Shortly before, pictures of Mahira Khan and Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor became viral on social media, in which he was seen smoking cigarette with Ranvir Kapoor.


Talking about the BBC Hardtalk Program, Mahira Khan has said that it was the first time that he had to face any controversy in his entire career.

“It was very strange because there were many facets: you are badly hurt because you are celebrating holidays in your personal style and someone takes your picture.”

“The other side was that at that time there was an attack, on one hand I was a person who was very loved in Pakistan and on the other hand he did not like to see me doing anything, I did not realize it. It was a very troubling one, it continued for a long time, became the issue of national debate, and this issue was shadowed on all TV channels. ”
Will Pakistan ever leave Pakistan?

Mahira Khan had tweeted a disclaimer related to his film ‘Varna’ in the month of November last year.

In this tweet, he said, “Everything in this film is fictitious, it is a fantasy because it is very bitter to tell or show the truth. The events shown in this film are funny as compared to the events happening in ours. Are. ”

After this, a lot of troll was also done on the social media by Mahira Khan.

A troll on Twitter has even told them that if they have such a problem with Pakistan then they should go to India.
Mahira said on the issue of leaving Pakistan, “I never thought about quitting, I can not leave, this is my house, my country, I do not think that I can not tell a story better than Pakistan or me Do not be about the countrymen, who will tell these stories? I want to tell stories like ‘Varna’ and I want to tell stories of modern generation like Human ‘. ”

Mahira Khan is playing the character of a woman named Sarah in her film Varna, in which she is in the role of a rape victim. There was a lot of controversy about the release of this movie in Pakistan.
Bollywood never dreamed
Mahira Khan said on his career in Bollywood, “Bollywood was never their dream, I could have done some more movies there, but soon after the rich, I started shooting for Purna. My focus was always Pakistan.”

‘Whatever I have to judge, do’


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