Mahira Khan again made cigarette puff


If you have come to memorize Ranbir Kapoor after reading Mahira Khan and cigarette words then just wait … This is new case.

Mahira Khan once again came into the discussion after drinking cigarettes. Before that she had seen cigarette with Ranbir Kapoor in backless white dress, after which, Mahira had to keep his side in the face of this attack.

Then the photos came, this time the video has come. Looking at this 56-second video, Mahira is in a party. The color of the dress this time is also white and they are taking cigarette puffs.

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آزاد خیال
@ moinchishty32
Leaked video of Mahira Khan’s Smoking @ TheMahiraKhan @humza

5:38 PM – 28 March 2018
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This video of less than a minute is getting viral on the internet. But the response to the social media is mixed. While some people are saying this video is wrong and embarrassing, there are many people who are in support of Mahira.

Kun Fahim on Twitter writes, “Maharishi, I do not mind having your cigarette drink. Nor from what you drink and what you are doing, but I will definitely say that you will never want to see your child watching this video. Just like I do not want the young girls following you to watch this video. You are a celebrity. ”

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Kun Faheem
@TheMahiraKhan Hello Mahira Khan, I absolutely have no issue with you Smoking, drinking or whatever but I’m sure you dont want to have this video of yourz, just like I do not want young girls who follow you to watch it, Please be extra cautious

7:47 pm – 28 March 2018
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Minnevara Tahir writes, “Forget #FreeKashmirRally, Pakistan is once again struggling with the biggest challenge. Mahira Khan cigarette P. ”

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Minerwa Tahir
Forget #FreeKashmirRally, Pakistan is facing its biggest challenge one more time: Mahira Khan is SMOKING

2:20 pm – 28 March 2018
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Zarath Chaudhry writes, “It is for all those people who are once again judging Mahira. If they are smoking cigarettes then they are harming themselves. Their actions will not have any effect on you. ”

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Zartash Chaudhry
To all those judging Mahira Khan (again).
If she’s smoking, she is damaging her ownself Her act does not affect you any way.

1:08 am – 28 March 2018
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Ahmar Naqvi writes, “Why is it the issue of drinking cigarettes once again?”

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Ahmer Naqvi

Why is the thing happening

3:38 PM – 28 March 2018
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Ehtesham Ul Haq writes, “In Pakistan, Mahira is once again trending. Another video of his cigarette drink has come. ”

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Ihtisham ul Haq

Mahira Khan is trending again on social media in Pakistan after another smoking a cigarette video.

11:57 PM – 27 March 2018
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Adenah writes, “Only in a country like Pakistan, drinking a woman’s cigarette issue can be an issue. Hypocresy is at its peak. Mahira Khan does not care anything about what you are saying. ”

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only a country like Pakistan would make such a big deal out of women hypocrisy at its finest grow up and get a life mahira khan does not care about your useless views

3:22 pm – 28 March 2018
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Prior to this, he had trolled in New York drinking cigarettes with Ranbir Kapoor. At that time there were three types of things going on the Internet.

First of all, is there any love relationship between Mahira and Ranbir? Second, they are drinking the headgates and the third is that they wear backless dress. Most of the people were doubting romance between the two and were saying bad things. Many people were blaming the woman for embarrassing the Muslim community.
But in the BBC’s Hardtalk program on Ranbir’s controversy, he said that it was the first time that he had to face any controversy in his entire career.

Mahira Khan, leaving Pakistan and speaking on ‘Ranvir Kapoor’

Ranbir with backlash in Mehira, Pakistan

Whatever I have to judge, please: Mahira Khan

“It was very strange because there were many facets: you are badly hurt because you are celebrating holidays in your personal style and someone takes your picture.”

Second look


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