Inspector daya is the fan of Mercy shooter Mehuli Ghosh

_100744535_5d8a98ad-5ed4-4c8a-bc5a-d5de7b92d552When Mehuli Ghosh, 17, won 8 medals in the national shooting championship of 2017, the people got introduced to Mehuli for the first time. But in Mexico, in the World Cup, two medals were named after him.

Mehuli, a resident of Sirmpur in West Bengal, was a TV serial CID and a fan of Inspector Daya during childhood. She liked scenes of Jay-Veero shooting shot in the film Sholay.

A hobby of guns, pistols and shoots probably started from somewhere.

Heena Sidhu becomes champion shooter from Dental Surgeon

So I met Merabai Chanu due to the small reason?

But at the age of 14, an incident left a profound effect on his life. A person was injured in a pellet fired during practice, after which he was suspended.

After this incident, he was in depression for a long time and had to take counseling. Regarding the desperate and frustrated Mehuli, in the year 2015, his mother-father’s former shooter and Olympian Joydeep Karmakar came to the Academy.

To train, Mehuli came to visit the house three to four hours a day. To get back home after training, Mehuli would have night again.

Slowly right, but Mehuli, his coach and parents worked hard and Mehuli won the medal in the national level in 2016 and 2017.

Do not think that it is so strong in Meerabai Chanu

‘Grandpa said, wear shorts and lift hockey’
Joydeep himself was at number four in the 2012 Olympics and missed the medal with very little difference. But he is teaching Mehuli not only to shoot, but also to be mentally strong.

After winning two medals in the World Cup, now they are very proud.

Mehuli will represent India for the first time in the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast

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