If Salman Khan is in jail, how many crores of Bollywood will sink?


Jodhpur Court has convicted Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for a five-year sentence in the black deer case. If Salman gets to jail, then Bollywood can suffer hundreds of crores.

Salman has been convicted on charges of black-decking during the shooting of the 1999 film “Hum Saath Ke Hassan”.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is betting about 400 crore. If Salman Khan is a 5-year jail, then Bollywood may have to suffer this loss due to him.

Salman Khan gets five-year jail in black deer hunting case

What’s in the black deer that Salman’s life is hanging?
150 crores movie race-3
Right now Salman Khan’s film ‘Race 3’ is underway. Salman Khan’s lead role is budget of Rs 150 crore. The shooting of this movie has not been completed. Salman Khan can stay in the middle of the project when he is punished so that a lot of producers can get stuck.

‘My heart is beating for Salman Khan’

I got the girl: Salman Khan
Dabang-3’s budget 100 crores
The shooting of ‘Dabang 3’, the third part of ‘Dabangg’ series, is going to start soon. Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha were seen in both the films of this film and in the third part Salman Khan would also be seen. The budget of this film is about 100 crores.

‘Deer hunted tiger’

Salman Khan in Jodhpur court

Image copywrite images
Many movies have been done for pre-production
Film Trade Reviewer Amod Mehra says that in addition to ‘Race 3’, shooting of any of his other films like “Dabang 3”, “Kick 2” and “India” has not started.

However, before the film begins, the work of pre-production has started, in which at least 100 crores rupees have been spent.

Salmaan wants to ‘romance’ with

Heroine who fell asleep on Salman’s throat

Bets on TV shows too
Salman Khan’s bet is not only on films but also on his television reality show.

They are coming back after 10 years again with ‘Dus Ka Dum’. The promo of this game show has already emerged. This show is about to start soon Salman Khan will be seen as a host in this.

Amod Mehra says that the channel has already spent a lot of money for the “Dum Dum 2″ show, which will hurt the industry, but Salman Khan’s career can also be a huge loss. ”

Apart from this, Salman Khan has also played the role of host in the TV show Big Boss. However, pre-production has not been announced for the season-12.

Salman Khan is one of those superstars on which the film industry is quite dependent. If the prison had to be known, due to the money spent on them, the entire Hindi film industry is bound to suffer.


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