‘Golden Girl’ Manu Bhaker did not even touch pistol for two years ago


Manu Bhaker, who is studying in the 12th class, is preparing for medical in the 12th standard, but these are the other different shooters too.

In the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast of Australia, he made a mark that the gold medal came in his bag.

The idea of ​​how precarious he is aiming can be that it has won one or two gold medals in the Senior World Cup this year.

Just 10 months ago, Manu had participated in the Junior World Cup and was at number 49. This year when he played in the Senior World Cup, he directly aimed at the gold medal – in the 10 meter air pistol class.

In the 2017 National Shooting Championship, Manu had won 15 medals of Chhapar Phad And this is when Manu started shooting only two years ago.

Medal in boxing
While staying at school, Manu tried boxing, swimming in several games. In boxing, Manu always won medals. After injury, when Manu left boxing, he was hit by the martial art Thang Ta of Manipur and after this Judo.
Then two years ago when Manu’s father saw his students shooting in his new school, the father told the daughter why he could not even try it.

Just within 10-15 days, Manu started doing awesome. Soon, the victory of victory in state level and national level competitions brought him to Commonwealth Games.

Manu’s hard work is behind this success, but his parents’ involvement is also included.

Manu’s father, Ramkishan Bhakar is a Marine engineer, but now when the daughter is a big shooter, Manu needs more guidance with him, so he left the job.
Hina Sidhu, Manu Bhake and Elena Bovich of Australia
Every player has his own difficulties to travel, Manu too has to suffer. When Manu used to take a pistol, he would have been quite inclined to take a common pistol in public transport, even if the licensee was a pistol.

Ramkishan Bhakar, who left the job, started taking care of daughter’s problems. Manu is 16 years old and he has two years left to become mature.

To buy a foreign pistol for the daughter, the father had to wear a heel of pebbles. Manu’s teacher, Mother Sumedha Zindagi also changed in this sequence.

To keep the tension of such kind of problems and during the game, Manu uses yoga and meditation. The process of meditation continues in the camp itself, not only in the camp.
The 16-year-old World Champion Manu is the national champion of the 10 meter Air Pistol class in which he defeated top shooter Heena Sidhu last year.

Goria village in Haryana has very much hopes from its champion now – this year’s Youth Olympics and then the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Manu champions have surely become but Jaspal Rana’s coach Jr. team coach is stern that the target should be on bigger goals but the step should be on the ground.

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