Commonwealth Games: Sushil Kumar and Rahul Avare won gold

In the Commonwealth Games in Australia, India got two gold medals on the eighth day for Indian wrestlers.

According to the hope, Sushil Kumar won the gold medal. He won the match easily in 74 kg final.

Sushil Kumar defeated South African wrestler Botha in just 74 kilo finals in just 80 seconds.

Prior to them, Rahul Avare of India won gold medal in men’s freestyle 57 kilogram category.

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Sushil Kumar

Proud moment With love and blessings of fellow Indians I have won gold for 3rd time in # CommonwealthGames2018 .This award is a tribute to my parents, my Guru Satpal Ji & @ogramishramdev ji and children who passed away in #HimachalPradesh bus accident #Jaihind # CWG2018

2:38 pm – 12 April 2018
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Sushil Kumar has dedicated the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games recently to the children killed in a bus accident in Himachal Pradesh.

At the beginning of the match, there was a collision between the Avare and Takabhahi, but as the match progressed, the confidence of the Aaraara grew. He also tried to claim his favorite scissor during the match.

He was wounded once while getting points continuously, but soon after handling his hand again he came in Pitt and came to Pitt and began to dust his opponent.
Rahul won two matches this morning on the basis of technical superiority i.e. he won by his opponents with a ten figure lead. His form throughout the day is tremendous and perhaps this is the reason why he was enthusiastic about the gold medal match.

India’s Kiran won a bronze medal in women’s 76 kg match. He defeated Katuskia Pariyadwen of Mauritius

Earlier, in the Woman Freestyle 53kg category Babita Kumari lost to Canada’s Diana Wacker 5-2.

And this defeat gave them away from the gold medal, but Silver definitely came into their account.

There was a lot of expectation from Babita before the match, but after the match began Diana did not give any chance to Babita.

When Babita wished to adopt an aggressive approach, Diana counterattacked while making a mistake.
Earlier, Tejaswani Sawant won the medal in women’s fifty meter rifle prone bouts.

But now the eyes of all India are on wrestling bouts where the country’s three wrestlers are in the finals. The final match for all three will take place within a few hours.

Rahul Avare is participating in his first Commonwealth Games in 57kg category, but he becomes aware of his confidence.

He won two matches on the basis of technical superiority. That is, they defeated their opponent with a score of more than ten points.
They will meet Japanese-born Canadian player Steven Takahashi in the final.

Meanwhile, India’s champion wrestler Sushil Kumar is also in the final of the 74kg category.

Sushil, appearing in good form, defeated Connor Evans of Australia in the semi-final. In the final, he will clash with Joe Jones Botha of South Africa.
Indian lady wrestler Babita Phogat has reached the final of 53kg category. Their final match will be with Canada’s Diana Wicker.

India’s women wrestler Kiran will also appear in action in a 74 kg category bronze medal match. They will be fought from Mauritius’s Katuskia Pariyadhven


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