Commonwealth Games: Rifle Queen Tejaswini Sawant wins silver

Talking about India’s female shooters, Tejaswini Sawant, who won the silver medal in the 50-meter rifle event in Gold Coast, has its own identity, which is also called the Rifle Queen.

Tejaswini was the first Indian woman to win gold medal in the World Championships, and by doing so, she made history. This is a matter of 2010.

This record was special for Tejaswini because it was her father’s dream that had died a few months ago.

Shooting is expensive game but daughter Teju has no problem, so the father working in her Indian Navy has lent several places, many times.

When Tejaswini needed a good rifle in 2001, the father knocked on every door so that the daughter could fulfill her dream. If the mother was also a state-level cricket and volleyball player, then the home got full support.

Tejaswini, who was from Kolhapur in Maharashtra, had the intention of becoming a shooter from the very beginning. He started practicing Tejaswini in a small shooting range made in Dudhali near Kolhapur where there were fewer amenities.

In 1999, he was declared the best shooter at NCC-6 Maharashtra Girls’ Batailian at Kamala College. Then when Tejaswini won five gold in the national championship, everyone’s eyes went to this new player.

But he took ten years to become the real champion.

Are you ready for Gold this time?
Last chance to win medal
In 2002, when he got the opportunity to play his first international competition, he did not have a passport. But soon he became an international star

Tejaswini won two gold in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and bronze in the World Cup.

In addition to the game, Tejaswini Sawant is a fan of Kishore Kumar’s songs and Jagjit Singh’s Ghazals, who also have their way of getting relaxed.

Talking about personal life, in 2016, Tejaswini married the builder of Pune, Sameer Darekar.

Shooting will not be included in the 2022 Commonwealth Games and for many Indian players this will be the last chance to play in the Commonwealth and win medal.

Tejaswini has won the Silver Medal by taking full advantage of this opportunity.

Heena Sidhu becomes champion shooter from Dental Surgeon

Sports Women
10 meter air pistol- Heena Sidhu, Manu Bhaqar, April 8

Skeet – Sania Sheikh, Maheshwari Chauhan, April 8

10 meter air rifle – Apurvi Chandela, Mehuli Ghosh, April 9

25 meters – Heena Sidhu, Anuraj Singh, April 10

Double Trap – Shreyasi Singh, Rain Varman, April 11

50m Rifle Prone-Anjum Modgil, Tejaswini Sawant, April 12

50m Rifle Three Position- Anjum Modgil, Tejaswini Sawant, April 13

Trap- Shreyasi Singh, Seema Tomar, April 13


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