Commonwealth Games Diary: ‘prematurely celebrated gold not found’

It is rare that during the game, the whole Indian team will slogan ‘Wins Jai Deva Geytiga will win India’ to increase the morale of their partner.

As soon as Saina Nehwal smashed the Malaysian player Chia Sonia into the net, the whole Indian team entered the court with a flag and Saina Nehwal started dancing in the middle.

Mixed Doubles was India’s weakest link. India lifted Satyavik Reddy and veteran Ashwini Ponnappa against the Malaysian pair. Satyavik has smashed smashes on Malaysian players.

Sathvika’s smashes always fall on the opponent’s body. Once, his smashes go to Liu Ying’s mouth. Instead of celebrating ‘point’ he apologized to Goh

Commonwealth Diary: Emotion from the face of Manu Bhakra was absolutely absent
Umpire warns
Ponnappa advised Satavik throughout the match. Ponappa was telling Satyavik the strategy at one point, even by keeping his hand on the mouth so that no one would listen to them.

Ponnappa probably did not realize that even if he did not touch his mouth, then even the Malaysian players could not understand what they were saying. When both of these things went up, the umpires had to warn them that they should pay attention to the game besides things. India won the match in three sets.

In the second match, Kidambi Srikanth has once again defeated world number one and number six Li Chong Wei in straight sets. After the match Shrikant told me not to go on score. It was not so easy match. I jumped all my life and won over Chong.

After losing the doubles, Saina came out of India in the fourth match. After the 11-11 in the first set, Saina won 10 consecutive points and won the first set easily. But in the second game, Malaysian player Sonia suffered a finger injury and Saina was distracted.

In the third game, Sonia was once ahead of 7-5, but then Saina said that a lot has happened. Third game he won 21-9 Sonia tried to harass Saina with a high and tried to disturb her. She also got bothered but in the end, she found her bite.

Saina is not very ‘flasher’ player, nor does she always look forward to ‘Smash’. His best efforts are to keep the ‘shuttle’ in the game and force the other player to make a mistake. She is also a very good judge of the shuttle flight.

How many times did Saina not put her racket on Sonia’s shots falling out and left her. So many Indian-origin viewers were watching the match at the Carara stadium that it seemed that the match was happening in Hyderabad.

It was interesting to see an interesting thing that after every Indian player winning the shot, the coach looked towards Gopichand, as if he was asking him how this shot was. On poor playing there, he used to express his pity after seeing Gopichand.

In this whole operation, Sindhu was rested and Saina represented India in her place. After the match, coach Gopichand said that Sindhu will play singles and there is a possibility of a match between Indus and Saina in the singles finals.
Mehuli Ghosh took off the gloves to celebrate the gold medal
Prematurely disgusted
Until the 23rd shot in the 10 meter women’s air rifle shoot, Mehuli Ghosh was walking a bit behind Singaporean shooter Martina Veloso. In the last shot, he shot 10.9 which is considered to be the best target in the shoot.

He understood that the hand came to his hand and he lifted his hands and lifted his hands in the fashion of winning the gold medal. Later it was found that he had equaled Singapore’s shooter.

Both of them were hit in the shoot, but by then their distraction had been broken and in the last shot Mehuli got beaten up. They targeted 9.9 and the gold medal went on their hands.

Mehuli later admitted that he should not have done that. But Mehuli is just 17 years old. The art of focusing on important occasions will come from experience only.

Jatu Rai was once a goat in Nepal

10th gold for India in Commonwealth Games
Jitu Rai has won gold medal in 10 meter air pistol
Jitu Rai overturned
India’s Jitu Rai was fourth in the qualifying round of men’s 10 meter air pistol. Om Prakash Mishrawal, the second Indian player in the first place. Jitu later told that in the early stages, his poor performance was due, his outburst of sweating and poor timing of his triggers.

He later consulted his coach and his old experience came in handy. As soon as Jaspal Rana, sitting in a living seat, ran and hugged. Jitu was born in Nepal and at this time he is working on the post of Nb Subedar in the Gurkha Rifle.

At the same time, Mithawar could not control his nerves in the final and breaking record of Commonwealth in qualifying bouts and he had to be satisfied with the bronze medal.


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