Commonwealth Games 2018: India got gold in Mixed Team Badminton

_100765151_046061553-1India has won 10th gold in this Commonwealth Games by defeating Malaysia in the Mixed Team Badminton Final in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

Earlier, India had great success in the women category of 10 meter air rifle. In this competition, Mehuli Ghosh has won silver medal while Apurvi Chandela won the bronze.
Earlier, Indian shooter Jitu Rai has targeted gold medal with new games record in the 10 meter air pistol event in Australia’s Gold Coast.
Jitu secured first place with 235.1 points and gave India gold medal.

India’s Om Mitharwal won bronze with 214.3 points. The silver medal of the competition won by Australia’s Carrie Bell.

India’s Pradeep Singh has given India the silver medal in weightlifting 105 kilograms of weightlifting in Australia’s Gold Coast.

India’s performance in weightlifting has been fantastic. With the addition of Pradeep’s medal, India has so far missed eight medals in weightlifting.
On Monday, 23 years of Pradeep in the Gold Coast’s Karara Sports Arena picked up 152 kg in the snatch and lifted 200 kg in clean and jerk. In this way, taking the total weight of 352 kg, he is in second place and deserves silver medal.

Sanil Mao of Samoa raised a total of 360 kg with snake 154 kg and 206 kg in clean and jerk and gold medal shook.

One-time Pradeep Kumar was very close to the gold medal in the competition, but in the second attempt in clean and jerk he failed to lift 209 kg and 211 kg in the third attempt.

England’s Owen Bauxal had to be satisfied with the bronze medal with 351 kilograms

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