Commonwealth Games 2018 Diary: Why do the Indian team go round in the last seconds?

_100751202_gettyimages-942872522.jpgWhen India-Pak match started at the Gold Coast at the Hockey Center, it seemed that the match was being played in Australia, not in Australia but in Jalandhar or Delhi. The entire stadium was full of Indian viewers only. All the slogans were being seen in Hindi- ‘Chak de India’ and ‘Jitga Bhai would win, India would win’ the entire stadium was echoing.

Indian people came to watch this match from faraway areas of Australia. A Saheb Vikram Chadha came to see this match especially from Tasmania.

And between the more severe security, some Indians were able to penetrate the drum inside the stadium. Whenever Indian players start drumming loudly on the Pakistani ‘D’
The entire stadium was full of Indian flags. I did not see a single Pakistani flag there, although many Pakistanis live in Gold Coast. Outside the stadium, there were many Indians who were disappointed with not getting tickets, but even then they were reaching the stadium with the hope that there might be a ticket exchange from somewhere.

The way India started dominating Pakistan in the first two quarters and took 2-0 lead, it seemed that India is going to win by a tennis score.

But in the third quarter Pakistan made a great comeback and the Indian players only played to keep the lead alive. In the third and fourth quarters, Pakistan was dominating so much that Indian players could only enter the Pakistani D two times.
An interesting thing is that during the match, the players from both the countries are not silent, but they keep on screaming and screaming with their partners. In particular, Indian goalkeeper Sreejesh also instructed his teammates by screaming from the round post.

As the game started, AAP’s journalist Seleen Trump, who was sitting in my side, told me there was no doubt about the match’s decision. Tell us how many goals will India win? I said 2-0 Celine said 3-1. However, none of the two came out correct and Pakistan made the match 2-2.

In the last minute when the hooter was played, the Indian team was 2-1 ahead, but only then the Pakistani team took ‘referral’ which went in favor of them. Ali Mubashir of Pakistan did not make any mistake in the goal. After the match, I asked the Indian captain why did the Indian team go round in the last second?
They said that there is no such thing. Let me give you an example that in the last six months we’ve had a round in the last seconds. And if it is eaten then we have made goals in the last few seconds. This match was definitely a draw, but after trailing 0-2, Pakistan did the same match against a strong team like them, the moral victory was theirs.

Indian coach coach of Pakistan hockey team
When I was entering the Karara Hockey Center, I saw a familiar face being practicing Pakistan’s hockey team. On emphasizing the brain, I remember that it was Holland’s Roelant Altamans who used to be coach of the Indian hockey team for a few months ago.

After the match I asked him if you knew everything about Indian players plus and minus points.

Perhaps for this reason, the Pakistan team got a lost match? It is true that Oltmans smiled, but this does not affect the result of the match, because the Indian team also knows how I think.

They will definitely be bitten by them. The interesting thing is that Altmans used to be coach of Pakistan even before becoming a coach.
When the bus driver took the competitors 98 kilometers away from their destination
Do not assume that such a mistake can happen in India only. Developed countries like Australia are also no exception. Grenada’s Women Beach Volleyball team had to match Scotland on the Kulganga Beach. But the driver of his bus took them to Mears Velodrome, 98 kilometers away.

This mistake happened because the driver was using the ‘SAT Navigating Tool’, which the Managers of Commonwealth Games did not approve. When this mistake was detected, the team of grenada was sent to the place of their real destination in the monitored police custody.

The result was that Grenada’s team reached late for their match at 12 and 45 minutes late. They lost the match to Scotland in straight sets. He later said that his reason for defeat was not enough time for the warm up.

There are many complaints on the traffic congestion of Commonwealth Games. On the opening ceremony, thousands of spectators were stranded at the stadium during the night due to a bad bus system.

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