Commonwealth diary: Shreyasi Singh gets shooting in heritage

Shreyasi Singh got the first position in women’s double trap shooting and bagged India’s twelfth gold medal

In a very long lasting match, he was equaling with 96 points in Australia’s Emma Fox. Then the shoot off between the two. Indian players are often missed on such occasions.

But Shreyasi is made of second soil. The 26-year-old Shreyasi made a precise target at the shoot off for the Gold Maiden, and earned two points, while Emma Fax could make only one right target. Their second target was missing.

Shreyasi has studied from Hansraj College, Delhi. When he was studying in class X, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, who won the silver medal in the Athens Olympics, had inspired him to pursue his career.

Shreyasi is the daughter of late Digvijay Singh. Digvijay Singh used to be a Member of Banka from Bihar and was also the Minister of State for External Affairs in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s NDA Government.

Shreyasi got heritage in shooting. Both his father and father Kumar Surendra Singh were very fond of shooting. He has been the President of both Shooting Federation of India. His father Digvijay Singh died at the young age of ‘Brain Hemorrh’ in 2010.

His mother, Putul Kumari, has also been an MP from Bihar. Shreyasi won the silver medal in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. He also got a bronze medal in the double trap team event in the Inyan Asian Games.
For the first time, he participated in the shooting trap and double trap events in Delhi’s Commonwealth Games, where he got sixth and fifth place. Shreyasi is not only a shooter but also a writer of ‘Wealth Values’.

She is also an India correspondent of the international journal ‘The Diplomat’. Besides shooting them, tennis is also very fond of. After winning, Shreyasi said that with this win he was also happy that his family had come to Goldcost specially to see his performance.

Cameron’s eight athletes missing from the game village
The game of eight athletes of Cameron in Gold Coast has caused a furor due to the disappearance of the village. Cameron sent a team of 24 athletes to participate in these games.
These players did not disappear together. On April 8, three athletes left the village without informing anyone. On April 9, two more players were declared missing, and on April 10, three more athletes left their rooms without any prior notice.

These eight players have three boxers and 5 weight lifters and all participated in Warwick training camps before coming to Gold Coast. Six of these athletes took part in their own competition, but two athletes did not even attend the games.

Cameron team officials have informed the Australian police about their disappearance. Cameron team’s press officer Simon Molybe said that he is hoping that these players have gone back to Cameron.

But it is difficult to see, because if they had to go back to their country, then why would they steal without knowing it?

For the Commonwealth Games players have been given short-term visas. In Australia, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, even about 100 players stayed in Australia more legally than the prescribed period.

My com book is in Australia
When I was entering Oxford Studios to see the Boxing Conflict, at least three foreign journalists got information about me from my com.
When he came in the ‘mixed zone’ after defeating the Sri Lankan boxer Anusha Dilrakshi, Australian television took his interview for a full five minute, though Mixed is given a few seconds or more than a minute to interact with the players.

Despite smashing easily the Sri Lankan boxer, my com had been bathed in sweat and was hugging badly. He told me that he had clashed in the Saif games even before the Sri Lankan player. I know his technique.

I did not deliberately kill ‘flasher punches’ against him, because I knew that he would try to hit me on my face if he was an ‘off guard’. Anyway, I wanted to save my full potential for the final.

I want to get a gold medal from here, because this is the only medal in my entire career, which I have not even won.

After an interesting incident, I found that after every boxing match, every player’s hub gets spoiled, but despite being swept away by sweat, the mascara in my eyes was as good as it was before.


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