Commonwealth Diary: Naman Tanwar Ki Tevar and Swad

Goldcott’s real story is the story of Indian boxers. So far five Indian boxers have entered the semi-finals, i.e. they have at least reached the bronze medal.

This achievement has been achieved when the Indian boxers had come to the news due to the Nidil dispute before the game started and all of them were twice as dope tested. Niman Tanwar of Bhiwani has not yet heard more names from Indian boxing fans.

But when the Oxenford studio’s ring came against Namoan Samoan’s Baxter Frank Maaso, he was made to look at his speed and strut. They did not go through the ropes from the middle of the rope, but instead they jumped into the ring.

After taking the fame of Samoan Boxer for a couple of minutes, he was able to see the peaks which he rained on. Naman is only 19 years old and about six and a half feet tall. Their punch was so powerful that there was a cut over the eyes of Samoa’s boxer and blood flowed from it.

The referee gave them a standing count. I was just convinced that this is the end of the conflict and the end of the problems of Frank Maso.

Naman bounces in the ‘Open Chest Style’ and it rises to his opponent that he can distinguish his defense. But here they make mistakes. In return, they have to face the ‘jabs’ and ‘upper cuts’ of which they can not even imagine.
Naman helps in doing this, because of his better reach due to long delays. Naman has made himself a place in the Commonwealth team of India by defeating famous legend Sumit Sangwan. But his boxing career is far better than his confidence. His’ foot work ‘is a ghazb, because of which many times his opponents’ picks do not reach them. They also have the power to withstand strong punches.

Akhil Kumar, who reached the Beijing Olympics quarter-finals, is his idol. Clearly, his Swedish coach Santiago Nieva has worked hard on them.

The War of Mohammed Anas

Initially Mohammed Anas was not going to be selected in the team of Indian athletics. But he did not only reach the final of the 400 meters race, but also made a national record by performing his best in Gold Coast.

Anas got fourth position in this race. He became the first Indian athlete after Milkha Singh who has entered the 400m race of Commonwealth Games. In the 1958 Cardiff Games, Milkha Singh not only reached the final but also won gold medal there.

Anas took 45.31 cc time in this race. When the race ended, anas fell on the track. He said that he was very happy with his performance. They ran just to get this experience. I will reach my peak form till the Jakarta Asian Games. Then you can expect medals from me.
The interesting thing is that Anas was not aware of Milkha’s achievement. Just before the race, a slight drowsiness had some impact on Anas’s performance. He believed that due to the wet track he had ‘cramps’ in his feet, he slowed down in the last 50 meters. Having a drought track, he could have done a little more improvement in his timing. Due to the rains, the weather also got cold due to which the body became ‘stiff’.

500 dollars worth of piss in the open
In India you will find many people pee in open. In Australia there is a very strong law for this. If you are found doing so, then you can be fined $ 500.
There is a network of public toilets spread across Australia, but there are reports that some people were found caught in public place while doing piss in public place. This is because the Indians are not able to control beer and drink urine and then control urine.

But what if you do not have any toylets around you? There is a concession in such a way that you can pee on the last left tire of your car. But what about those people who immerse themselves while swimming in the swimming pool? Advertisements are being printed in Australian newspapers that now such chemicals are available that the water becomes red as soon as they are able to pee in the swimming pool.

Who is the one who can stop the flag of Australia?

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