Commonwealth Diary: Emotion from the face of Manu Bhakra was absolutely absent

When all the shooters of all 10m air pistol were being introduced to the audience in the Belmont shooting range, all the people were shaking hands and accepting the greetings of the audience, except Manu Bhekar’s eyes which were focusing on something. .

Stiff murmurs of applause did not distract their attention and they lost themselves automatically. She did not smile even once during the entire tournament.

The first emotions were seen on their face when it was decided that they won the gold medal. Even then he hugged Hina Sidhu without saying anything exactly at the robotic style.
Manu, who lives in Goria village in Jhajjar district of Haryana, has started shooting for two years only. In the final, they put all their 24 targets in the back pocket of their pants and put their left hand in their pants. Out of these 24, 14 targets were 10 plus ones. On every eighth shot, he drank a sip of water from a bottle placed near it.

After winning the gold I asked him that he was a ‘cake walk’ for you, did not you have to do some work? Manu replied, “I was focusing so much on putting a single shot that I did not know what was happening in the outside world.”

He said, “You sit sitting outside even if it seems that it was easy, but it was not so.” The whole game in the shooting is about how stable your body is when taking aim. ”
Manu is the master of this art. Manu’s coach Jaspal Rana and Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra both believe that Manu has a talented talent, but in order to perform well on a consistent basis, he must keep his feet on the ground forever. On the other hand, Hina Sidhu was at seventh place at a time and was threatening to go out of the match.

But only then he got steady and consistently scores of 10 plus to the second place. He later told me that his trigger trigger injury was due to which he was feeling very jealous while pressing the trigger.

Even last year, he had similar problems when his index began to shiver. In the last shots, he stole everything, due to which India got two medals in 10 meter air pistol, one gold and one silver.
My com can bring gold
Mary Com easily beat Scotland’s Megan Gardens 5-0 to enter the 48-kg boxing semi-finals. In this way his bronze medal was confirmed. But he will not believe in gold, because he is the only medal in his superb career so far that he has not got.

The 18-year-old Garden could not stand in front of her almost double-comedian Marie Com Now they will be up against Sri Lanka’s Anusha Dilrakshi to make the final place. Mary Kom, 35, is also a member of the Parliament along with the mother of three children.

My com is coming to the Gold Coast quite a lot. Because of the movie he made, he is very famous here. When they went to the tram station of Griffith University to go anywhere outside the village, they were surrounded by Australian fans and they had to give autographs to them.

The famous newspaper ‘The Australian’ has also featured an article on them with a picture of them.
Every second taxi driver is Indian or Pakistani
Indians and Pakistanis have occupied the profession of taxi in the Gold Coast. Not only the Gold Coast, but also the majority of taxi drivers in Indian Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Most people are from Punjab. While sitting in a taxi, they start talking in Hindi or Punjabi and start giving all the tips without asking about Gold Coast.

Just like what you see, where to buy and where to eat. Our taxi driver Rupinder Singh was so generous that when we got down from his taxi, it was raining. They introduced our umbrella to us. We asked him how he would return it to you, his reply was, he does not have to return it.
Most of the Indians who come to Australia start their careers after running the Indian taxi and later go to other professions. You need to come to English to run a taxi. When these people come here from Punjab’s countryside, they do not come in English at all, but very soon they learn to speak English.

Many Indian students who have come here to start a taxi are also running for extra money. When we wanted to take his picture, he refused, saying that his house in India would not be happy to see his son driving a taxi in Australia.

I remember many years ago when India and Pakistan teams reached the finals of Champions Trophy in Australia, an Australian newspaper had said, ‘Taxi Drivers Versailles Tram Drivers


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