Are Babita phogat ready for Gold this time?

The talk was four years ago when Babita was in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. The doctor advised that the injury that Babita has suffered is serious and should not take part in the competition.

Sister advised Geeta, but in the end decided that she will come for the match. He fought not only, but also brought gold medal.

When it comes to female wrestlers in India, the names of the Phogat sisters – Geeta and Babita – comes to the top.

The story of Babita coming from Balaali village of Bhiwani in Haryana has become very famous through the film Dangle. About 17-18 years ago in 2000-2001 Babita started playing Babita, studying in the sixth-seventh, but then put all of her heart into riots.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Aamir’s ‘Dangal Girl’

Baba’s real life in ‘Dangal’ hit
Strictly famous stories of father Mahavir Phogat are also famous. Babita’s sister Geeta told in the conversation with the BBC, Papa had thin wooden rods kept for beating. It was just grandmother who used to save. But all this was for us to prepare.

Although, in the last few years, many female wrestlers have been in the headlines but Babita and her sister Geeta are considered as special in Pahalwani because almost 10 years ago, both sisters made a name in Pahalwani when very few girls were adopting this game Were there

Babita’s silver medal in the 2010 Commonwealth and the gold Medal of Geeta are considered a game changer for women in a way.

In wrestling, people often think that they would have to eat well but Babita tells that such a perception is wrong. They say that weight has to be controlled and there is less food for fat.
In 2014, in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, gold was occupied by Babita.
How is the relation between both Gita and Babita, when both faces in front of the ring and together at home together Babita says that in the ring, it is only in the mind that it is not to take the point, no matter what happens. But there is a lot of love in the house.

Well, Amir Khan may have made a film on his family but Salman Khan does not like Babita too much – he has a count in those favorite actors.

Talking about Pahlwani, after the poor performance of Babita in Rio Olympics, there was speculation that Babita would not play anymore. They also disappeared from competitions. But Babita has made a comeback with father’s encouragement and external help.

Recently he has a tweet-

“Nothing gets in the world without hard work, my own shadow also got me after coming to the sun.”

Maybe that’s what Jazba Babita will take to the medal path again.


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