Twinkle Khanna has expressed objection to the Central Government’s decision regarding GST on sanitary pads.


The famous Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna, for her absence, objected to the central government’s decision on GST on the sanitary pad. He used to taunt the tax on the pad and said that we should give an alarm to women that repeated washrooms should not be run. The Central Government has recently implemented the historical decision of GST on a country, a tax policy. Although some products are out of the realm of GST but this is applicable on many products like sanitary pads. Organizations affiliated with women are opposing it. Twinkle said, “We do not want GST on pads. Actually, we need an alarm, which should tell us about overflow in advance so that women do not have to walk around the washroom 100 times. It will save our time.

If such a product comes in the market then we have no problem with the GST.

Twinkle also kept his uncompromising opinion on Karava Chauth. Tomorrow, the Vogue Opinion Maker has been awarded the title. Regarding Karva Chauth, Twinkle said, “Most women keep a fast for long life of husband on Karva Chauth. My special friend Karan Johar has made it immemorial in his films. But I do not think 303 million deities are really listening to it. Therefore, I want to say to women that fasting does not help.

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