Navratri 2017 Songs: These hymns of mother will free you from all worries.


Navaratri is a festival of Hindus wherein Lord Durga is worshiped. Navaratri means a group of nine nights, in which different forms of Lord Durga are worshiped. First of all, Lord Ramchandra worshiped Durga Maa for nine days on the seashore and after that it had to depart towards Lanka. Then he had also won victory in battle, hence Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day and it is believed that victory over the religion of unrighteousness, to celebrate the truth of untruth, celebrates Dussehra on the tenth day. By worshiping Lord Durga in Navaratri, the devotee finds the desired results. In the Puranas, the beauty of Navaratri is very beautiful.

Brahmadev himself narrated the story about the Brahmin daughter, who had first observed the Goddess Durga’s Navratri, describing the glory of Navratri of Mother Mother Jupiter Dev. There is a special legislation for worshiping at home in Navaratri, in these days, by taking care of certain things, Durga is happy soon and keeps her blessings on her devotees. It is believed that during Navratri, mother Kailash lives with her devotees on earth. Shardhi Navaratri has started from September 21.

In these nine days everyone worships the mother in their own way, but the objective is only one, to receive the grace of the mother. In the nine days of Navratri, the devotee who worships the mother with a true heart receives the gift of pleasure. The devotees who worship the mother with the true heart of the devotee bless them with happiness and prosperity. There are many important hymns for the worship of the mother worshiping the mother, which are also used in the worship of mother, satsang etc. There used to be some different types of hymns and songs in earlier times. They did not have any kind of noise, they used to be very straightforward and straightforward. But as soon as the momentum changed, there was a change in bhajans and songs too. Therefore, today we have brought a few selected mothers’ hymns for you, who will be free from all your worries after listening.

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