For the race 3, Salman Khan demanded 70 percent of the film’s profit, so what could be the deal?


Talks about the third episode of the Saif Ali Khan starrer film race have started, that is, there is no longer much time left when the film will start shooting. But the most important and shocking news for Race 3 is that Saif Ali Khan will not be in the film. Instead of Saif Ali Khan, who plays the role of lead actor in Race and Race 2, he will show action in Bollywood’s Dabang Khan Race 3. Salman Khan, who has just finished shooting for Tiger Zinda Hai, will start shooting Race 3 in the direction of Remo D’Souza. As far as the matter is selected for the film, it is being told that most of the film will be shot in Abu Dhabi.

Now let’s talk about the most shocking news related to this film, which has been made by the English site Deccan Chronicle. According to the site, there is only one reason behind the deal between Remo and Salman, and the reason is Salman’s fee. According to information, instead of demanding a fixed amount, Salman has asked for 70 percent of the film’s earnings. Let’s tell that after the first and second part of the hit box office hit, the third part of the race also has huge expectations from the audience. It is also being told that even though Salman has kept such a huge demand, the makers have said yes to this.

Let us tell you that many big stars now handle the responsibility of distribution of their films and deal in the film according to the profit. The good thing is that if the film does not work then the actor has to bear the same loss. However, despite all this Salman’s demand that the Race 3 makers have placed in front of them, it is much more.

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