Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Name: Gaurav Gera will be added to the show as Pinky Doshaasan.


he first episode of Big Boss Season 11 is going to be broadcast on Colors TV on October 1. There is only 4 days left to start the show and the excitement of the fans is at its peak. The names of the contestants have not been announced yet and it is being believed that their names will be announced exactly one day before the premiere. Just a few days ago, the show’s makers had made the disclosure of two such faces which are part of the show. Although their names were not announced yet. It will be now to see when the names will be disclosed. But before this, a face associated with Big Boss 11 has definitely been released, which will definitely be a part of the show.

We are talking about Comedian Gaurav Gera. Those who will be added to the show as Pinky Doshaas Pinky’s work will show you such scenes of the show that will not be shown in the show’s episodes. That is, clearly will work to show Uncensored footage of Pinky Show. A video has been uploaded from the Instagram account of Colors TV, in which Gaurav Gera appears as an introduction to Pinky and at the same time he is telling that he has every gossip in the neighborhood and he sees this talent. The Big Boss has come to mind them. Pinky Neighbors will bring you all the spicy gossips of Big Boss to you.

It is worth noting that no details have been made about where to shoot this time in Big Boss Season 11, but recently a photograph of a house on social media was viral, which would be called the Big Boss house for this time. having had. However, later it became clear that these photographs are quite old, which is being called by the name of Big Boss for this time.

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