When visiting Rahul Gandhi’s temple, Patra told Congress spokesman Akhilesh Pratap – You have to go to Hajj to get ready.

rahul gandhi at temple

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi started his campaign for the Gujarat assembly elections from Saurashtra region. First Rahul reached the Krishna Temple of Dwarka where he worshiped the temple. By putting a big tilak on the forehead, Lord Rahul appeared in the temple. This entire issue has been politicized. Two days before the visit of Rahul Gandhi’s temple, the PM is being considered as the answer to the temple in Banaras. Many people consider it a tilt towards the soft Hindutva of Congress. Talking about this topic, there was tremendous debate between the BJP spokesperson and the Congress spokesman Akhilesh Pratap Singh. The concerned said accusing Congress and said that this is the only people that Ram is a liar. Today he has gone to the stage of Ram. Akhilesh got annoyed at this point, when he stopped talking about the relationship between him and then related to him, you have to go to Hajj. Make preparations. In response, Akhilesh will also provide them beef meat.

From this, Rahul wanted to do road shows in an open jeep under his campaign, but the state police did not allow it. But he allowed them to travel a bullock cart. One-third of the members of the 182-member assembly come from this region of the famous religious town of Dwarka. In Gujarat, elections are to be held later this year. Gujarat has been occupying Gujarat for two decades.


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