This person will share the story of marriage with your crush, you will become emotional too


Jayprakash, a resident of Bangalore, shares the story of marriage with his TNJ crush. The story has been shared on the Facebook page named You Young. It was told in this story that Jai Prakash married the 17-year-old crush after 10 years. This post has attracted 1.31 lakh people, 31 thousand people shared and nearly 7500 people commented. You will also become emotional by reading this story.

Jaiprakash has written, “When I was 17, I saw a girl in school. I could not stop myself from seeing him. Over time, we became friends. Whenever I used to see him with someone I was hurt. I stopped talking to him, he did not even know why. After the exam he wrote in my slum book that he wants to talk, but that has never happened. After that I went to college, but there was no girl. He shifted to Bengaluru. I got a call on my birthday on the year 2007. Upon hearing the voice of Sunita on the call, my heart started beating like a 17-year-old boy. After that we started talking to people. But keep busy in your life. ‘

Along with this Jai Prakash has written, “In November 2011, one of our fellow friends called me that Sunita has become an adjunct. But I thought there would be a small accident. That’s why I called him two days later. But I did not recognize that voice. When I went to meet him, I saw that a person with no hair, face is impaired, no nose, no mouth, no teeth, he is walking like a 90-year-old elderly. I was surprised to see him. I told him that night I am the only man who can take care of you. I love you Let’s get married. He called me and I propose it again. He laughed, but he did not say no. Initially my mother was surprised, but my father supported me. And then both of them came with me. After that I remained with him in every surgery of him. During this we have had many difficulties. I was shifted to Bangalore,

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