The girl was picked up after being beaten badly by the woman, getting viral on Facebook


A video on social media is becoming viral on Sunday. No confirmation information has been given about when and where these videos are. The video has been posted from Smriti Irani’s Facebook page. Let me tell you that this is not the official Facebook account of BJP’s Union Minister Smriti Irani. With this account, only about 11 thousand people have shared this video within 24 hours. While posting a video it has been written that someone can tell where this incident happened. Yo has also been written that share this video so much that the offender is caught.

Actually the video shows that two young men debate with a middle-aged woman first, then a young man sticks on the ground and starts punching on it. With this woman there is also a 5-6 year old child who starts crying all this. After that, the young man beat that woman. The second man is forced to take him along with a girl standing nearby, whose age is about 15-16 years old. The woman repeatedly tries to save the girl from both of them but they forcibly take the girl on the tractor and take her with them. According to the comments coming on the video, the girl is the daughter of the girl, whom the two youths are being forced to take with her.

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