When Rishi Kapoor came to meet Rajesh Khanna with the desire to work in the film with Dimple Kapadia


Everyone knows about the duo of Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia in Bollywood. The love story of both was less than the story of a movie. Seeing Dimple Kapadia, Rajesh Khanna had decided to marry him. But there was a man who loved Dimples in those days as a divan. That person was no other but Rishi Kapoor. Sage also wanted Dimple and her marriage. But Raj Kapoor did not have a relationship with Dimple and Sage. Actually, During the film Bobby shooting, Rishi Kapoor had given Dimple Kapadia his heart. But the film was not even fully complied that Rajesh Khanna took an entry between them. Rajesh Khanna was superstar of the time, while both Rishi and Dimple were busy trying to make a career in Bollywood. Seeing Rajesh Khanna’s personality, Dimple was impressed with her and agreed to marry. After marriage, Rajesh Khanna did not want to work in Dimple films and Dimple also accepted his suggestion and got involved in managing the house. But ten years later, their relationship broke.

Rajesh Khanna did not like Rishi Kapoor. Not particularly with Dimple at all. But even then once Rishi Kapoor reached Rajesh Khanna. Rishi Kapoor wanted to film with Dimple and he wanted to take a film from Kaka for the film. After the breakup of marriage, Dimple once again wanted to try his luck in films.

In 1985, director Ramesh Sippy made a film on Siddhi for Dimple and Rishi. Before working in the film, Rishi wanted Rajesh Khanna’s permission. Rajesh Khanna first got angry at the sage but later he told the sage to do the film. He said, “If you do not do anybody else will do it, it is good that you work in this movie.

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