Sunil Grover Coming Back to Tickle your Bones with Name “Billa Sharabi”

sunil-grover-billa sharabi

The fans of Sunil Grover are awaiting his return for a long time. They have no answer in the matter of imposing the audience. Every time the actors make the comedian fans happy with the help of their different incarnations on the screen. Actor Abe, who is famous for the characters like Rinku Bhabhi, Gutthi and Doctor, famous Gulati, will be coming in front of the audience in a new fashion. This time they have become Billa Sharaabi. Through his drunken incarnation, Sunil is coming to laugh us all. Which he has teamed up with Bollywood’s famous music director Amit Trivedi.

The actor released the song teaser on his social media account Twitter and Instagram. He wrote – A promo of Badla Sharabi song which is being released on 26th September. There is a voice in me, while Amit Trivedi has given music. There is no double opinion that Grover is one of India’s best comedians and never fails to make the audience laugh. For the first time, they are working together with Leading Composer. Well, this is not the first time that Sunil is coming out in front of the fans by taking a music video.


Earlier, he laughed at everyone through his hussaband not pyar for me. In which he showed how an unorthodox husband does not pay attention to his wife after some years of marriage. Talking about workfront, it is believed that Sunil Soni is coming with his neo comedy show on TV. The Kapil Sharma will be seen with members of the show and Ali and Kappu’s friend Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra and Kiku Sharda Sunil.

According to the Times of India, Kiku and Sunil have also started rehearsals for new shows. It is said that the other stars of The Drama Company will also be seen in Sunil’s new show. There are reports on the internet that Kapil’s friends are leaving him for a new show.

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