Padmavati: After Shahid Kapoor’s look came Deepika Padukone, see photos


Shahid Kapoor’s look has been released from Padmavati, the upcoming movie Sanjay Leela Bhansali. As 36-year-old actor Maharajal Ratan Singh is seen in a lot of Royal and Fears look. In the film, Shahid plays the role of the husband of Chittor and the husband of Rani Padmini. After seeing this look, the fans of the actors will certainly be very happy. Padmavati’s producers released Shahid’s look on Twitter on Monday morning. Caption was given by sharing the look from the official Twitter handle of the film- Maharajal Ratan Singh. Emblem of courage, power and respect.

In the talk about his look in Padmavati, Shahid had said, “When you are playing Raja, you have a kind personality. At that time people should not be very lean. You must have a man-made personality Especially for wearing those kind of outfits. Sanjay wanted me to be a little muscler and full. Lekim was raising the weight as muscles and not as fat. That’s because I’m playing a warrior. Rajput kings had very strong personality.

While Deepika Padukone and Ranvir Singh have worked with Ranjali and Ramlila and Bajirao Mastani with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shahid Kapoor is working with Bhansali for the first time. The look of Shahid and Deepika are released from the movie. Now all the viewers are waiting for Ranveer Singh’s look. On 24th September, the Karani army burnt the posters of the film. This was done to protest against the backdrop of the promise of the filmmaker

In a conversation with news agency IANS, Mr. Rajput Karani, District’s District President of Jaipur, Narayan Singh Deewale had said that while shooting in Jaipur, Bhansali had promised that he would show us the film before the release of the historians. But since then no one has approached us and neither did we see the film.

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